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The club opening times are (in general) 1900hrs to 2145hrs except when Talks or Lectures are being held when the time could go over this limit


We are a Registered Licence Test Centre


Arrangements can be made for all 3 Licence types of tests to be conducted

We do not however hold the training at LRS for the Advanced course, but we are able to conduct the tests by prior Appointment.


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g3lrs admin: Bloody Heck just seen we well passed the 3million hit mark guys :)
G4SJX: Actually 6th in our class, well done Team LRS
alex: Provisional results just released for ISLANDS ON THE AIR LRS using G2AA a most respectable 20th position I am sure G4SJX will input a full report later
G4SJX: GB0RWC 7.1562 Rugby World Cup.
g0fpu: Using a camera and Morse code to cheat.
alex: Tks to those who supported APS next events radio wise woll be posted soon..We need some work party people?
alex: Sri i meant Dan G3UQX
alex: Many nice comments regarding use of Jacj Hums Call G5UM best DX over 500 kms GM GW ON PA F Oddly no Deutch. Only known club member Phil M6ESV in same square as was Dan G3UXTs son M5...IO92JO just going to give some points away for backpackers pse call?
alex: 144 trophy completed
alex: Hope to be QRV using club call Week Sunday 144.300 USB more detsils to follow if u dont make the pumping station event pse call me...Also qrv 144 ac see rsgb links prev msg for full deayils tks in afvance G8FCQ Alex
alex: «lin»
johnG0IJM/G8VQM: LRS Events calendar updated to what is known at this moment
alex: Its RATS RALLY Today see Rugby Amateur Transmitting soc. TRADERS on site
alex: Sri if links dont work will resend bouncy bus ride and sausage fingers
alex: «lin» «lin» hopefully 1/2 kw on 144 may borrow amp for same power on HF.
alex: 144 trophy and SSB HF details to follow
g0fpu: Many thanks for a fantastic day .Cobs were great to
alex: Many thanks to John G0IJM for organising trip to Hack Green Nuvlear Bumker and Joderel Bank
alex: Sandra qrv 144 ac any others tonight??
alex: T I M E. U. S. T
alex: Alex QRV i think 144 back packers tks to phil 4 tests contest starts 1300 1400 depends if ur QRP portable or Low power pse listen for LRS Members!!!
alex: 432 qrp sunday
alex: Some members may be QRV sat low power contest have a listen. 144.300 +/- USB real radio!
alex: Contest University sessions return on the Saturday of this years RSGB Convention (10th October 2015). The topics and presenters are given below:

Behind the Scenes at WRTC – Dave Lawley, G4BUO
Contest Strategy – Olof Lundberg, G0CKV
The RSGB Commonwealth Contest – Nigel Cawthorne, G3TXF
Concise Macros for Data Contesting – Roger Cooke, G3LDI
HF Contest Station Tips – Lee Volante, G0MTN
SO2R without Breaking the Bank – Andy Cook, G4PIQ

I hope there is something that is of interest to many. 

Mark Haynes, M0DXR
alex: I intend to activate G5UM/A tonight not for whole session «lin» Would appreciate some reports tks (50.100 USB)
alex: Raw data. 265:qso + 50. Tks to all who helped a great social event with radio as driver..Cooked breakfast tks PETE and 6 pints of milk lots of tea
alex: Reminder. RADIO IOTA THIS WEEKEND at LRS plus Sunday 26th Horncastle Rally.
G4SJX: see «lin» re SSTV from ISS
G4SJX: ISS SSTV July 18-19 on 145.800 MHz FM
G4SJX: Now 432.2854
G4SJX: G0LRG 432.280MHz CQ contest
G4SJX: Island No4 7.146Mhz
G4SJX: Qrg 7.164Mhz
G4SJX: Now on Island no 3. No 4 21:30 local time.
G4SJX: Now on the 2nd Island see «lin»
G4SJX: MS0MWW/P ORKNEY 7.144MHZ Colin GM0IFM EX LRS currently on the mic.

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Radio Contacts

alex - 17/08/2013 - 12:13

Now worked them on 144.300 ssb 150 points all in one morning !

alex - 05/08/2013 - 12:16

Brief summary 40m station 300+ 20m station 136 144 432 50 MHZ approx 60 all but 4 on SSB More details later

alex - 27/07/2013 - 12:28

Just worked GB100RSGB on 7100 LSB

alex - 25/07/2013 - 11:06

Sri chaps no time to activate G5UM on behalf of LRS 50MHZ UKAC Tues eve :( :(

G4SJX - 24/07/2013 - 09:26

:( wot no Dx

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