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The club opening times are (in general) 1900hrs to 2145hrs except when Talks or Lectures are being held when the time could go over this limit


We are a Registered Licence Test Centre


Arrangements can be made for all 3 Licence types of tests to be conducted

We do not however hold the training at LRS for the Advanced course, but we are able to conduct the tests by prior Appointment.


Please contact us for Details

 Licence Revalidation

                                                Courtesy RSGB | March 14, 2014

Although the current amateur radio licence is known as a “licence for life”, all radio amateurs are required to revalidate their licence at least every five years. The process to do this requires every licence holder to contact Ofcom to confirm or update the details on the licence database. This process has been underway for some time and to date some 60 percent of licences have been successfully revalidated.

The quickest way to revalidate is to do so online via the Ofcom website, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This can be done at any time. If you need assistance in the process, Ofcom staff are available to help, but please be patient during times of heavy workload.




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alex: Georges day special event from Walton on the Naze Essex just 3 miles from Radio Caroline original mooring spot
johnG0IJM/G8VQM: Latest LRS foundation passes. callsigns out look forward to hearing you on air soon
G4SJX: Happy St George's Day, look out for GB1STG see «lin»
alex: UK 6 metres tonight
alex: Bargain of the year SKODA OCTavIA 1.6 2010 07531201640. Full service good tyres new brakes 2013 tow bar etc
alex: Understand from the training people that congratulations are in order for recent exam successes well done to all hope to work you some time and for those going forward to higher levels best of luck 73
alex: From the 160 metre 1942 kHz site always fancied a remote SIR at LOS perhaps one day ??? «lin»
alex: «lin»
G4SJX: Happy World Amateur Radio Day!
alex: DX pediction by camps hams IT'S NOT A CONTEST but a chance to work the Isle of Lewis including 23 cos moon bounce though imagine 40 sub might be easier There are some postings on Facebook. «lin»
alex: G8FCQ/p Q'S later in week for CC80 alas despite picking a spot next to a huge river I cannot get over the stone wall to string a wire Reason is its not caravan club land owned by the local fishermen so just the short base loaded vehicle about 8 metres high. Good news as long as I stay 3600-3650 not too much qrm from FRESH Radio a 1kw mw xmitter whose 4th harmonic is 3744
G4SJX: EP3SMH 21.08319 LSB RTTY 599
G4ZTD: Thanks Alax nice to see you too I think lol, hay i cant be to nice to ya
alex: Whoops sausage fingers great to see u both at LRS Kelvin and Ness
alex: Great to see you both at club tonight
Lorraine.M0SWG: Thank You John, see you there.
johnG0IJM/G8VQM: committe meeting tomorow lorraine
Lorraine.M0SWG: Glad you're fine, ok about making some calls in the Polish contest. I've just got my receiver switched on and heard some contest stations and on RTTY as well. Have a day with the contest and good luck Mike. One day I'll get my transmit side of things going. Maybe see you at club tomorrow.
g0fpu: Fine. Thanks for asking. Making a few calls in the Polish SP,DX
Lorraine.M0SWG: Hi Mike, How are you?
g0fpu: Hi Lorraine
Lorraine.M0SWG: Hi, Is there a formal date for the next committee meeting yet, can't find it anywhere. Many Thanks.
alex: Hi kelvin G5UM qrv 144 ssb
G4ZTD: Its not funny when you have contesters all over the band at the weekend when thats the only time your able to use HF though, at least, i dont think so
2e1cxq: That's what makes it so funny. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, and not take anything too seriously. Afterall it's only a hobby.
G4ZTD: Yep may be funny but there is a lot of truth in it
2e1cxq: K1OIK, thoughts on hams very funny. well worth listening to
G4SJX: FUNcube Sat due over between 11:46 & 11:59 local, previous orbit produced a good data capture.
G4SJX: Or should it be HI HI?
G4ZTD: Haha just had to poist this «lin»
G4SJX: 18Mhz wide open to JA
alex: Hi can u HELP please anyone got any surplus LAN cat 5 cable to complete cabling within the Lecture room From a hub Kindly donated by Tom Christmas as discussed at Lat Mondays open meeting Maybe also tidy up Vhf room cabling In anticipation Tks
alex: Guys,

Have you vhf 'buffs' seen this Ofcom statement:

1.7 As demand for both operational and potential future services in 
the short to medium term is likely to be low we are also proposing to 
permit temporary access to 1 MHz of this spectrum (146 to 147 MHz) for 
Amateur Radio use, until such a time as it is needed by Business Radio 
or other services. Should additional spectrum be needed to meet 
operational requirements, we will remove the temporary allocation. 
Amateur Radio use of this frequency will be on a non-protection/ non-
interference basis and will be subject to some geographical 
restrictions to ensure that there is no interference to neighbouring 
countries. We propose that the authorisation will be implemented by an 
individual Notice of Variation (NoV) to the Amateur Radio licence.

It will be interesting to see how much it actually gets used.
Lets all hope it get used in a responsible manner!
alex: 15 metres well open people
G4ZTD: Alex mine goes from DC to nearly 2Ghz and works brill
alex: This is my eventual aim but only for two band 160/80. «lin»

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Radio Contacts

G4SJX - 14/04/2014 - 09:21


alex - 17/08/2013 - 12:13

Now worked them on 144.300 ssb 150 points all in one morning !

alex - 17/08/2013 - 11:37

just worked GB1OOL LRS Centenary station they are QRV on 7.156 and 14.2085

alex - 05/08/2013 - 12:16

Brief summary 40m station 300+ 20m station 136 144 432 50 MHZ approx 60 all but 4 on SSB More details later

alex - 27/07/2013 - 12:28

Just worked GB100RSGB on 7100 LSB

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