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The club opening times are (in general) 1900hrs to 2145hrs except when Talks or Lectures are being held when the time could go over this limit


We are a Registered Licence Test Centre


Arrangements can be made for all 3 Licence types of tests to be conducted

We do not however hold the training at LRS for the Advanced course, but we are able to conduct the tests by prior Appointment.


Please contact us for Details



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alex: Very impressive..Sadly too busy on other pursuits to op WARadio Day...
G4SJX: Happy World Amateur Radio Day!
G4SJX: HAPPY WPRLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY EVE. Don't forget to get on the air and celebrate W.A.R.D.
alex: Miki i know its a bit late but in general terms most Uk special event stations tend to use the top end of the 40 metre band 7.150+/- as the main daytime band. As this usually is best for UK wide and more local EU contacts. Main mode SSB .of course that does not mean other modes such as data and SSTV are not used. Maybe even 2 metre FM for local traffic..Hope thats useful for future use..
MikiStrange: Anyone know what bands GX3LRS will be on today?
johnG0IJM/G8VQM: GX3LRS now up and running onHF at APS.
alex: And its Happy Birthday Antonio
tonym3pyg/2e0dbt: april 11-12 at 10:00utc until 21:utc mode sstv PD180 12 different photos over the weekend good luck to all
G4SJX: That should have said IS not USA!
G4SJX: Look out for more SSTV from the USA this weekend «lin»
Maverick/M6WGJ: Just had a 4 way contact on 2m my first since I got my Call Sign, using a cheap handheld through GB3CF Thanks to Bruce & Mick (Leicester) and Tony (Birmingham).
Lorraine.M0SWG: Bye Mike, but not sure when I can come up to club, probably Monday 6th April.
g0fpu: Good , see you tomorrow . By by
Lorraine.M0SWG: Hi Mike, Yes, I got mine a few days ago.
g0fpu: Hi Lorraine. Have you had your Ofcom, email.
Changes to the Amateur Radio Licence yet ?
MikiStrange: Currently only on 2m & 70cm. Not sure if I'm getting out there though.
G4SJX: Miki thats great news, lots of great DX on 15M
MikiStrange: I've got my callsign which is M6IKI.
g0fpu: CQ WPX CONTEST...I'm on 10M
G4SJX: CQ WPX CONTEST this weekend lots of interesting PFXs
G4SJX: Listen out for some new calls appearing over the next few days.
alex: Notes for Diary TBC weekend 25/26 July IOTA fm LRS....or Scotland .. Hi Folks

Is anyone interested in a return to EU010 for IOTA this July?

Appreciate Chris/Keith will be en-route to V6, and therefore may not see 
this for a while.

John MM0CCC.


Posted by: John MacLean MM0CCC <mm0ccc@gmx.co.uk>
alex: A date for ur Diary? GREAT NORTHERN RALLY «lin»
G4SJX: Sorry I was unable to be with you last night. Congrats and comiserations.
alex: Maverick congratulations on the examination result and enjoy the hobby Lots to work Lots of bands and modes you will never stop learning.
Maverick: Thanks to all at LRS for the help and support at obtaining my Foundation Licence, looking forward to the Intermediate in the near future.
alex: Info on Eclipse Party event Friday «lin»
alex: Will send some better links later But if you search for RSGB Eclipse party think you will find some info If you get stuck contact me on this site with ur email and will send you all the relevant files (Tks Alex G8FCQ)
alex: ECLIPSE PARTY THIS FRIDAY 08.30 - 1100 (Max at 0930) Intro (Note you dont need to transmit to aprticipate you can even listen on a Medium wave wireless"www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2015/rEclipseQSOparty.shtml
g3lrs master account: Hi Mik do i takeit you had problems using the chat then?
G4SJX: Hi Mik welcome hope you enjoyed the CQLRS Event.
MikiStrange: Just thought I'd say hello now that I can.

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Radio Contacts

alex - 17/08/2013 - 12:13

Now worked them on 144.300 ssb 150 points all in one morning !

alex - 05/08/2013 - 12:16

Brief summary 40m station 300+ 20m station 136 144 432 50 MHZ approx 60 all but 4 on SSB More details later

alex - 27/07/2013 - 12:28

Just worked GB100RSGB on 7100 LSB

alex - 25/07/2013 - 11:06

Sri chaps no time to activate G5UM on behalf of LRS 50MHZ UKAC Tues eve :( :(

G4SJX - 24/07/2013 - 09:26

:( wot no Dx

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