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The club opening times are (in general) 1900hrs to 2145hrs except when Talks or Lectures are being held when the time could go over this limit


We are a Registered Licence Test Centre


Arrangements can be made for all 3 Licence types of tests to be conducted

We do not however hold the training at LRS for the Advanced course, but we are able to conduct the tests by prior Appointment.


Please contact us for Details



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G4ZTD: Was that a dig at me Alex???
johnG0IJM/G8VQM: agree with you alex.my thoughts are the £1 a visit has got to apply to all.
alex: Mick Good idea only problem I can see is someone designated to collect and what about people who dont pay membership ?
mickmm: see what any other members think about it at least its a way of keeping the club going on the cheap its to much of a good club to loose for a £1 donation each week mick g4kks
mickmm: sorry never finished what i was saying i mentioned it to keith miles and he thought it was a good idea so working on a 25 every monday that would be £100 per month that would cover the rent ? mick
mickmm: hi folks i have been thinking about what was said in the open meet on monday and i have an idea that could work like a fixed sum for subs of £25 each then like lots of other organisations pay £1 on attendance each monday after all whats a pound
alex: Technically a bit naff but still worth a look «lin»
alex: «lin»
alex: Is G2AA qrv this weekend
alex: And another for you fm types. «lin»
alex: «lin»
alex: Facebook states John Paula and Lorraine have Birthdays this week? So its bumps all round and a big cake
alex: Clue no3
alex: SRI forgot text to previous posted link Look at BBC radio Leicester to see BBC presenter sending a clue by Morse at WW! exhibition
alex: «lin»
alex: Some of you may recall Richard of SOTA visit to cĺub if you have the facility SOTA are sponsering an event this weekend «lin»
alex: «lin»
alex: Great to see LRS prople old and new BOB PAUL JOHN JOHN DOT KEITH etc
alex: Trailer and boot full of LRS Kit sold
G4SJX: Thanks Kelvin.
G4ZTD: :) Managed to recover the Contest Article :) Once again Sorry :S
G4ZTD: Alex its easy to make a mistake in the back end of the site mate
alex: Fab Kelvin. Note hope to sell some LRS kit at Rugby. wx seems crap!
G4ZTD: Ooops sorry Mike i was clearing stuff up and deleted it, post it again, sorry
G4SJX: Where's mi contest page gone?
alex: We have a program into December No doubt John will publish near to actual event times but pse keep an eye on Notice boards RATS RALLY THIS SUNDAY Anyone going
alex: Following on from the get your telescopes out monthly event. A new innovation CAKE NIGHT 50p a slice great idea and generated £20 into club funds
alex: Just looking at the 2013 club calls results and our move from 20th to 9th info on this site with a little effort and someone using the loop but will need an ATU 4 160 we improve our position
johnG0IJM/G8VQM: AM05LD on 18.145mhz at 18:00 Friday
G4SJX: It's JASTA SSTV ACTIVITY time «lin» the whole of August 24/7
alex: An opportunity may exist for a few people to assist with National BBC WW1 road show. Subject CW appreciation. Details will be presented at Club date Sat Sunday bank holiday points of Contact are John G0IJM Events manager Alex G8FCQ only requirements are a tidy presentation...
alex: SUNDAY 17TH AUGUST. RATS. RUGBY RADIO RALLY A small rally by our friends at RUGBY AMATEUR TX SOC. Highly recommended maybe a chance to offload some of our surplus components Note no major traders just mainly components cheap rigs cables etc.
G4ZTD: Just testing after Website Update to latest version, seems ok thank god lol
alex: Good results many thanks to all who supported a bit warm at 30+C in op room but everything worked and what did not we worked round. 110 METRE LOOP ZS6BKW for 80-10 plus 80/40 metre with radials vertical plus 3 ele beam at 46 ft. Software by SD tea by LRS
alex: SAUSAGE AND BACON ops only. Served in Ciabetta with beans and tomatoes. Subject to operation constraints
alex: Plus an extral bonus

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Radio Contacts

alex - 17/08/2013 - 12:13

Now worked them on 144.300 ssb 150 points all in one morning !

alex - 17/08/2013 - 11:37

just worked GB1OOL LRS Centenary station they are QRV on 7.156 and 14.2085

alex - 05/08/2013 - 12:16

Brief summary 40m station 300+ 20m station 136 144 432 50 MHZ approx 60 all but 4 on SSB More details later

alex - 27/07/2013 - 12:28

Just worked GB100RSGB on 7100 LSB

alex - 25/07/2013 - 11:06

Sri chaps no time to activate G5UM on behalf of LRS 50MHZ UKAC Tues eve :( :(

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